Must-Eat Foods

Everyone should bite into a traditional Italian pizza in their lifetime.

A memorable meal can define a destination and keep you salivating for years to come.

Let’s first concentrate on what is an Italian pizza. Generally speaking an Italian pizza weights about 350 grams (some 12 oz) and it’s mainly made of bread dough topped with a thin layer of toppings (a smear of tomato sauce, a few slices of mozzarella cheese, a handful of basil leaves, a few drops of extravirgin olive oil, sometimes one extra item for added flavor). Most of what you eat when you order pizza is bread, flavored by the toppings.

Traditionally pizza was not a restaurant dish, it started being served in restaurants in the XIX century when, on her first official visit to Naples, queen Margherita di Savoia asked to be served the traditional pizza. Pizza was a poor man’s dish served on the street. It was fried and not baked, and often it was made with the bread dough only, or it was stuffed with green vegetables, some fresh cheese and maybe a little piece of sausage. So it was a very different food from what we know now. People in Naples bought this fried pizza on the streets and ate it on the go.

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