Amazing Cookie

Obscenely Chocolatey Chocolate Cookies

Here’s the cookie to bake when you want to impress your friends at the cookie swap but you’re not about to spend hours cutting out reindeers and piping royal icing. The big puddles of chocolate offer drama—and tell the tale of the super chocolatey, gooey insides. The best part is that there’s no real planning […]

Healthiest Foods

Greek Yogurt Whole Grain Chicken Alfredo

Whole grain pastas contain far more fiber and nutrients (like iron and protein) than the traditional semolina type. Make sure you look for packages labeled “whole grain” rather than “multigrain.” Multigrain pastas might be made of grains and flours other than semolina, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily in their whole form. INGREDIENTS 12 oz. […]

Amazing Cookie

Corn Cookies

A (not-so) secret ingredient Crack open a can of your favorite creamed corn, then press the corn through a mesh sieve to extract and collect all the thick, starchy juices. We’ll need 1/4 cup of this golden nectar for this recipe. Much more accessible to home cooks everywhere than freeze-dried corn, creamed corn has been […]

Amazing Cookie

Black & White Cookies

The cookie that really shouldn’t be called a cookie. It’s more cake-like than cookie, but is still a handheld sweet that has been around for a very long time. The cookies are sold at nearly every bakery or deli in New York City where they originated. The giant cookies started popping up in bakery cases […]