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Opened in May 1916 as a food market, this centenary establishment (one of the city’s few and best examples of iron architecture) became Madrid’s first gastronomy market in May 2009. Throughout 2018, the market will undergo a period of consolidation of much of its gastronomy contents.

The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the cream of the crop when it comes to food markets. This market is iconic in the Spanish capital, and there’s no better place to start your food journey. Here’s your guide to eating and shopping your way around this iconic landmark in Madrid!

Located in the centre of Los Austrias Madrid and with over 10 million visitors a year, the San Miguel Market is the city’s gastronomic temple, the contemporary essence of all the corners of Spanish cuisine. From the best Iberian ham to fresh seafood brought from Galicia each day, the Mediterranean rice or the special cheese from Castile, Asturias or the Basque Country. The finest products and wine from

the length and breadth of Spain are divided among 30 permanent stands and 3 in a portable format.

The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the city’s food mecca. Every day, any number of fresh, local ingredients arrive to the market for the locals to buy. When you think of a food market, you most likely think of fruits and vegetables, of which there is an abundance. However, this food market goes so much further than that. Fresh fish and seafood, meat, dried fruits and nuts, eggs and more come in from near and far to be showcased here. Homemade Spanish cheese, delicious cured meats, Spanish ham, and olives add to the delicious aroma that permeates the air. Around every corner you’ll find something that plays a part in traditional Spanish cuisine.

The locals love to shop here and at other neighborhood food markets for the quality of food that you just can’t get at the supermarkets. As you browse the numerous kiosks around the Mercado de San Miguel, you’ll notice that each vendor takes pride in showing off their best products. While you’ll notice that the market is crowded with tourists eating their way around, you’ll also notice many madrileños buying ingredients for the day’s meal.

Address-Plazade San Miguel, s/n28005

Tourist area-Austrias

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